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Lecture: Kaoru Ogihama lectures as a guest with Nobuyuki Shimamura in Seijo University again.

Nov 26, 2012
Seijo University

Kaoru Ogihama, co-director of MONO Project, lectures a class of art produce as a guest with Nobuyuki Shimamura in Seijo University.

Shimamura represents Japanese realism painting of today, admired together with Kenichiro Ishiguro, Osamu Obi and Atsushi Suwa. Many Japanese gallerists and collectors think highly of his figure painting because of not only precise depiction and skillful spatial structure but also sanguine representation of human body. Some of his works are in the permanent collections of Hoki Museum, a museum dedicated to Realist painting, and they are introduced in TV programs and magazines in Japan.

Ogihama will converse with Shimamura to obtain anecdotes concerning his works ; models, posing, and the posture on works. And in this lecture for college students, they are going to talk about their way of life devoted to things they like, not to earning money.

Ogihama wrote explanation in COLLECTED PAINTINGS OF NOBUYUKI SHIMAMURA published last year.