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Artists: Masaaki Yashima Exhibition

Apr 3, 2012–Apr 22, 2012
Gallery Meihodo, Nagoya

White shadows walk, shaken by the gravitation of black horizon, like a comet approaching the sun. Black shadows are about to be swallowed up into the darkness outside of the train. Masaaki Yashima said that the former are living and the latter are deceased. Someday human will die with the memories of dead people. White shadows will turn black, and then black shadows will vanish without leaving any trace. World of living and the one of dead are adjoining.

Masaaki Yashima represents white shadows after 40 years’ absence, but his attitude is immovable. His eyes fix straight to the vanishing point of existence.

Kaoru Ogihama

This is the seventh solo exhibition of Yashima at the gallery since 2002. He will show eight large works, about ten works under 46 inches and several small works which were produced in these two years.