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Aritists: The 2nd TEWAZA Exhibiton

Aug 1, 2012–Aug 7, 2012
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo

We can compare the technique of manual labour to yeast fungus which make grain ferment in the brewery.

Can we depict tableaux by nothing but passion and idea. If an art work move someone’s heart, we can say that painting materials ferment to attain metaphysical eminence. For this fermentation, we require not only energy like passion and idea but also the technique of manual labour as yeast fungus.

Talking about it, painters have been so cynical or so self-ridiculous, and learned people have been so indifference. That’s the cause to lose many of our important properties in Japan.

We hope to reconsider the technique of manual labour, evaluate it intellectually, and enlarge its concept.

Fumihiko Gomi

Ikuyo Yasuda will take part in the TEWAZA Exhibition. Tewaza means the technique of manual labour. This exhibition was started by the artists, who have high-level technique to create tableaux, Fumihiko Gomi, Norio Shinoda, Seiichiro Ban, Shinji Nakabori, and Nobuyuki Shimamura etc. in 2009. They attempt to reassess work of human’s hands against today’s almighty digital technology and art scene in which they think little of technique.

Yasuda will give diversity to the exhibition and deepen its signification because of her techniques of Japanese painting inherited from pre-modern era and her own way of technical application in today.