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Artists: Dokuritsu Exhibition

Oct 17, 2012–Oct 29, 2012
The National Art Center, Tokyo

Dokuritsu Art Association is one of the most representative and proficient artist group in Japan. It was founded to establish the art of new epoch by Kojima Zenzaburo, Satomi Katsuzo, Hayashi Takeshi, Migishi Kotaro and others in 1930. And they held the 1st exhibition in 1931. Since then, it has been held almost every year.

Many members are leading artists of modern Japanese art history such as; Kinosuke Ebihara, Yataro Noguchi and Seiji Chokai. Of course in today, famous artists belongs to the association, and show large works in the Dokuritsu Exhibition.

Kozo Izawa, a member of Dokuritsu Art Association, will show his new work in the 80th memorial exhibition.