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Everyone must restrain his desires in a group. We have to communicate with others, keeping real intentions for ourselves and wearing the mask of social roles. I know this since I am a kid. But once the night comes, restrained spirits are released. Darkness melt the doors of our expansive hearts. My wavelength tunes in to the anonymous sight of the night in a corner of town, to a moment in the everyday night. I rely and identify with sights and moments. They are the irreplaceable ground of what I believe. So, I want to keep them in full without a change, together with all the signs and yearnings I felt at the time. In order to pile dozens or hundreds of pencil strokes, I clearly come to feel “I am keeping the sight and the moment”. I fill a support medium with my thoughts like working with a weaving loom.
Hiroki Yasutomi

Pencil is the most familiar writing instrument for Japanese generations born after WWII. Before they enter into elementary school, children start using pencil, drawing familiar things and imagining landscapes in the margins of the papers. For grown up’s the pencil is such a useful way to sketch our mind during these insipid meetings. For many Japanese, it is an extension of the body. This is why there are so many artists who use pencils not only for drawing but also tableaux. From experts like Susumu Kinoshita, Norio Shinoda, and Naoko Majima to up-and-coming artists like Hiroki Yasutomi.

Born in Kagawa prefecture, Hiroki Yasutomi moved to the Kansai region to attend college, and he has produced works in pencil since his graduate school days. The multilayered touches of the pencil as it tries to engrave the traces of Hiroki’s work creates the gradation of a fine woven cloth. It is the simple and strong beauty of forms and light extracted from common scenery like a silent movie of the past century. It is the depiction of water shaped by the climate of his hometown and the pictorial spaces which make us feel like we are there. Because of the attraction like that, he drew attention of people in art world from his student days, and he was selected in L’Espoir Exhibition which is a gateway to success for young artists to show their works in Ginza, Tokyo. In 2006, he received the Excellence Prize as the second place at Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition, Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art. He held solo exhibition at Imura Art Gallery in the same year, at Takamatsu Tenmaya in 2007, at Kurashiki Tenmaya in 2009, at Shinjuku Takashimaya in 2012.

Hiroki’s work has also been exhibited in museums, educational institutions, and group shows with the artists he respects. In 2008, he held solo exhibition at Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art. At the exhibition titled Pencil World at Chukyo University C-Square, they selected him with Susumu Kinoshita and the other experts. In 2007 and 2009, at the three person’s show, he presented with Masaaki Yashima whom he has respected since his college days. Often featuring white roses as motif in recent years, in 2012, he was selected with Koji Kinutani, Reiji Hiramatsu and Hiroshi Noda and the other leading artists in LA VIE EN ROSE, a group show focusing on work with a rose theme.

Hiroki has exhibited not only in Japan but throughout Asia. His work was presented at KIAF 2006 in Seoul, and CIGE 2008 in Beijing. His works have been introduced to the secondary market through Christie’s and Sotheby’s Hong Kong.


Born in Kagawa, Japan
2004 M.F.A., in Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2005 L’Espoir Exhibition, Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo
2006 Nocturne, Gallery Honjoh, Tokyo
Shadows of Night hawks – Midnight Landscape, imura art gallery, Kyoto
2007 White Night, Takamatsu Tennmaya, Kagawa
2008 Memory of night —Silence affects each other, Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art, Okayama
2009 Night Window—Floodgate, Gifu Takashimaya, Gifu
Ark in polar night, Kurashiki Tenmanya, Okayama
2010 Night Story—Water Scenery, Imura art Gallery, Kyoto
2011 Night Shore, Takamatsu Tenmanya, Kagawa
2012 Night Window, Shinjuku Takasimaya, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002 Kyoten 2002, Kyoto Exhibition of fine arts, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto
2004 Kyoto Art Annual Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto
Stars jumping out from chaos, Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo
KOBE ART ANNUAL 2004 The next window, Kobe art village center, Hyogo
2005 Selected artists in Kyoto New Wave, The museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2006 Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition, Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo
KIAF 2006, COEX, Seoul, Korea
Bunkamura Art Show 2006, Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
Shimotsuki no sogon, Inaba Honke, Kyoto
2007 Kyoto Art Gallery Fair 2007, MIYAKO Messe, Kyoto
Secrets of Silence, Gallery Ginza Ichome, Tokyo
Stars jumping out from chaos, Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2008 CIGE 2008, World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
2009 Secrets of Silence II, Gallery Ginza Ichome, Tokyo
2010 Pencil World, Chukyo University C-Square, Nagoya
2011 Physical side, Yoshimi Arts, Osaka
Etoile brilliante, Gallery Daisen, Osaka
2012 ASIAN REALISM, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka, Aki gallery, Taiwan, Gallery Seoul, South Korea
LA VIE EN ROSE(Rosy Life), Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo
Physical side Ⅱ Yoshimi Arts, Osaka


2002 The Mayor Prize—Kyoten 2002, Kyoto Exhibition of fine arts
2004 Mayor of Graduate School Prize—Kyoto University of Art and Design
Mayor of Osaka Municipal Museum of Art Prize—Kansai Bijutsu Bunka Art Association
2006 The Excellence Prize, Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition Presented by Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation

Treaties / Journal

2002 Report about Kodai-ji Art Festival, (P.38-39) Collaborative research of Kyoto University of Art and Design
2004 Research Note about Grounds of Night, Kyoto University of Art and Design
2009 Research Paper about the creation of Memory of Night -Silence Affects Each Other, Kyoto University of Art and Design Journal GENESIS Vol.13th

Social Activities

2006 Open Meeting; The way to be live as an artist, Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe
Workshop; The pencil sketch drawn based on photograph, Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Kagawa
2007 Lecture; NHK Cultural Center; Sketch lecture, Yonden Plaza, Kagawa
2008 Workshop; The pencil sketch drawn based on photograph, Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Kagawa
2010 Lecture; Expression of frottage and shadow, Heian Jogakuin junior high school
NHK Cultural Center; Sketch lecture Exhibition, Yonden Plaza, Kagawa
NHK Cultural Center; Still-life Sketch lecture, NHK Heart Plaza, Osaka
Artist Talk; The world of Pencil Sketching, Chukyo University

Selected Article / Review

2004 The next window - Kobe Art Annual Exhibition, RAKU Vol. 34
2005 Vision SHINPO Vol.77
2006 Encouragement Prize‐Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Sankei News, March
Selected Emerging Artists 2006; BIJUSTSU-NO MADO, April
Art Prize and the works 2006; Gekkan Bijutsu, August
The world of art makes you happy; Gekkan Gallery, August
A miniature—Technique and Materials; BIJUTSU-NO MADO, October
2007 PR Image: Encouragement Prize‐Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art
2008 Art Book: Hiroki Yasutomi—2002-2008, Edited by Kazuaki Kishimoto
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Emerging Artist Pick Up; Art Collector, April
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