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MONO Project

About Us

  • MoMo Art Inc., focuses on the importance of art in everyday life.

    We strongly believe that the human society is shaped, informed and strengthened by the study of traditional culture. The traditional culture informed modern art culture and in turn informs future generations. Sharing in the cultivation of these art forms is essential to the earth and personal harmony.

    MoMo Art Inc., operates as a business that not only supports the arts in all its various forms, but also creates and fosters an environment that facilitates arts-centered dialogue and collaboration. Our aim is to ignite the passion for life that lies within each individual by paying homage to our collective cultural past while embracing change for a brighter, more dynamic future. To this end Momo Arts Inc. promotes and design activities that open dialogue and build relationship between individuals and art.

    Momo Art Inc. was founded in 2005 and is located in New York City, the center of the international fine art world, with global relationships and worldwide opportunities.

  • In today’s world the principles of economy and market are regarded above all. People are focused on the immediate present and not the impending future. Conversely, art cultivates the imagination focusing on the thoughts and values that fall outside the concerns of the traditional market place. MONO Project believes it is important that art appreciation starts at home, helping shape the individual’s life perspective and ultimately spreading outward to impact the global community.

    MONO Project is dedicated to connecting every person with artwork. We are devoted to representing Japanese artists who challenge themselves and viewers by pushing the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of art. These are artists whose work is highly regarded in Japan and Asia but who are often under-represented in the U.S. and Europe. Works by these artists include oils, acrylics or Japanese painting, pencil sketching and 3-D works. These pieces demonstrate the fusion of classic techniques with modern technology and portray each artist’s views of important universal themes of suffering, joy, life and death. We promote work that transforms exhibition spaces and changes peoples’ perspectives about themselves and the world in which they live.

    MONO Project holds exhibitions and events, collaborates with galleries, offers consultative services and writes and edits articles about Japanese fine arts.